With innovative, protected intellectual property,

proven market potential and clear room for growth,

ClinSpec Dx™ is an excellent proposition for investors. 


The revolutionary ClinSpec Dx™ technology provides a platform for blood tests for other cancers and chronic diseases, as well as non-clinical applications, providing a strong pipeline for future product development.


Our breakthrough approach utilises simple hardware and software accessories for existing clinical and medical facilities, requiring no specialist training for staff.


With an initial focus on brain cancer, the spectroscopic liquid biopsy helps doctors rapidly detect and grade the severity of brain cancer for the first time, reducing the number of unnecessary brain scans.

The global cancer diagnostics market is expected to reach $217 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 7%. 


Cancer is the fastest growing segment of the in vitro diagnostics market, with a predicted 43% increase in diagnosis rates by 2035 and a massive demand for new and innovative diagnostics tools.

A preliminary health economic assessment covering Europe and the USA indicates that the ClinSpec Dx™ liquid biopsy test will be highly attractive to both government health service providers and commercial laboratories, bringing significant cost savings to both.


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